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We are founders backing founders.

Let's do this together.



Our Story

Being a founder is both hard and rewarding. We know because we are founders too.

We know what it is like when VCs expect us to have all the answers or ask us about ARR when we are still working on an MVP. We know that some of the challenges are mundane and that hiring great team members can be the greatest challenge of all. We have worked in and advised companies from early-stage startups to massive financial services companies.

Until you have started and led an early-stage company, you can't fully get it. But we have, we do, and we are ready to roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with you to make you and your company a success.

We advise, help and invest in verticals we know well and where we can help our founders soar, especially Fintech, InsurtechProptech and companies with strong links to those spaces.

Who We Are

We are founders, investors, advisors, doers, helpers, mentors, and counselors--usually rolled-up in to the same person.

We are the team founders text late at night when they have a problem that they are not comfortable sharing with any other investor.

Just like the founders we back, we don't pretend to have all the answers, but we never shy away from a tough challenge or working hard with our founders to find a solution.

We are the most in-the-trenches VC investors you will find--even incubating ideas when we get really excited--but we always put our founders out front to shine.

Our Vision

We believe that:

  • The best investors are those who are ready to commit time, effort and experience to help founders succeed.

  • Honesty is a two-way street. We don't expect founders to have all the answers.

  • Success is not linear, but we can help you see around the corners.

We are ready to:​

  • Provide actionable, high-impact advice

  • Work hard with our founders to directly drive success

  • Invest where it makes sense, advise and support where it doesn't (or when an investment opportunity is still in the future).

About Us


Early stage investment

We generally invest in pre-seed, seed and Series A companies where our expertise and support can have the greatest impact.

We primarily invest in:

  • Fintech

  • Insurtech

  • Proptech

Strategic and Operating Advice

We work directly with founders and founding teams. If we are not current investors, we often take our fee in the form of equity.

What We Do
Why Us

Let's Talk

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